SoothZ Skincare Range

As eczema sufferers we know what it’s like to have problem skin and as we make everything in mind for people with sensitive skin, we wanted to work on a natural alternative to steroids and paraffin-based creams and other products for soothing the skin.

For 5 years we worked on 9 different recipes using natural ingredients used for 100s of years to soothe eczema and sore skin and asked our skincare clients and other sufferers of extremely dry skin, eczema and psoriasis to test these recipes to find out which was the most effective combination. The result of these trials was that our recipe number ‘5’ was the most effective, which is what we now produce as our ‘Sooth:z’ balm.

This soothing natural balm is formulated to protect, moisturise and soothe skin. The ingredients in this balm are super-effective, as they have naturally skin-calming properties – and they are also ultra-moisturising!

Our Sooth:z balm is refillable for £1.50 off your next purchase when you send your tin back – here and comes in a 100 ml tin – also available with gloves for sore hands if you need them.

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