Vegan Organic Body Butter – Figysen-Korynt (Fig and Cassis)


This is a luxurious vegan body butter that melts into the skin as soon as you start to apply it! With Super-moisturisation, this body butter is super-smooth and will leave your skin with the wintery and Christmassy scent of spicy ginger Christmas cakes and gingerbread



Made from cold pressed, food grade rapeseed oil from a farm in Newquay, Cornwall, this is the same natural, golden rapeseed oil which is also used in the top Cornish restaurants in Cornwall.

Cornish cold pressed rapeseed oil is also naturally high in anti-oxidants and vitamin E, as well as alpha linoleic acid, it has anti-aging and soothing properties for the skin, and is extremely gentle and nourishing. We have researched our recipes and chosen our best body butter, which is handmade using only this rapeseed oil, organic shea butter, pure cornflour to prevent it becoming to greasy and whipped at high speed to ensure it is ultra smooth and easily absorbed, plus 1% naturally-blended perfume oil. Its golden colour comes from the pure rapeseed oil.