Winter Skincare Tips

Feb 20, 2022 | lips, skin, winter skincare

Simple winter skincare tips to help you with your skincare regime during the coldest and wetest part of the year.

Protect your skin against the Sun

Even in winter – especially in Cornwall! – the sun can be strong, so make sure you wear factor 30 to 50 on your face as much as possible when you’re out and about. The sun is one of the worst culprits for aging and damaging our skin, so we need to protect it all year round.


Drinking plenty of water ensures our skin won’t dry out in the winter as well as the summer. If you want something warmer, try hot water with lemon juice – it also has a great detox effect on the whole body!


If you exfoliate your face and body, it will slough off dead skin cells and leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and softer and enable moisturisers to penetrate much deeper into your skin. Use a gentle scrub or liquid exfoliator with fruit acids on the face, and rougher scrubs with ingredients like salt or coffee grinds on the body.


If you like having baths, use a little natural oil in the water to help protect your skin. A light oil like grapeseed is great for normal skin types or try avocado or sweet almond oil for drier, or sensitive skins


Make sure you apply natural lip balms before you go out in the cold weather to protect your lips and use a lip scrub or lip scrub pad on lips in the evenings to exfoliate lips and keep them smooth. Swapping light body lotion for body butters and body creams will keep your skin softer and smoother during the winter months. Using a natural day and night cream with hyaluronic acid will also keep skin looking more plump and smooth as it attracts lots of moisture in to the skin. You can even now buy it separately and put it on underneath your favourite creams. Don’t forget your hands as well – apply hand cream after washing and before you go out in the cold and use lukewarm water, as it won’t dry out your hands.


Having an anti-aging facial once a month helps fight wrinkles, keeps skin healthy and injects more moisture into the skin. You can choose a basic facial, which also should come with a facial and neck massage, a radio frequency treatment which improves skin condition and tightens skin, a microcurrent treatment which boosts collagen production and tightens facial muscles or even combine one of these treatments with an led light therapy treatment to target acne, sun damage, tighten skin and more.

The myth of soap

Using soap on the face may feel like you’re squeaky clean, but it’s the wrong pH to use on the face and strips your protective layers away, which is why you get a tightening feel after use. Stripping these layers away leaves skin prone to blemishes, drying and sensitivity. Instead choose a creamy cleanser, hot oil cleanser or gel cleanser suitable for your skin type and you can’t go wrong … but always close your pores with a gentle toner or rose water afterwards to avoid blemishes and blackheads.

And finally …

Wrap up warm, protect your skin and you’ll be ready for Spring with glowing skin!

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